I've been banned from reddit after I asked r/communism101 when was the vanguard party and how much was it for a ticket.

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    You may get banned from dR too for bringing up politics. 🧐
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    I’ve been banned from all leftist subreddits
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    At this point pretty much every subreddit is its own bubble / echo chamber of people circlejerking for karma. Anyone capable of meaningful discussion of opposing ideas has long since left, and those who stayed are just repeating those people's ideas, and banning anyone who tries to call them out. Casing point: see how far you need to scroll r/ProgrammerHumor to find a joke that couldn't be made at least 5 years ago.
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    @hitko The internet really is humans greatest invention and curse at the same time
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    Try r/JustUnsubbed

    Also probably not the right platform to discuss this
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    Been banned from my country's subreddit for stating that nothing really had improved since getting independence.

    I suppose someone's butthole had blown up in pieces.
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    @NoMad but that wasn't politics that was a joke :(
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