I'm a dumbass.

I've been working a lot in the past week and even thought I'll get fired if I don't finish everything. It turns out, all the tickets on my plate are for next year's release, not at all part of the shit we need to deliver before end of year. Because of the lack of sleep and shit like that, I've been feeling really hot yesterday but when I check my temperature, it's lower than usual.

Now I'm gonna have a COVID test as a part of travel requirements. I feel paranoid that I might have screwed myself over by depriving myself of sleep over a deadline that is far into the future. I would have just worked on them with a regular amount of effort. It's just that they've been assigned to me almost two weeks ago. Now I remember that I finished all the things and had nothing to do but documentation at the time so I asked our senior engineer if I can work on something so he gave me these tickets.

Ugh, why am I this forgetful?

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    Wow, that was discomfort made worse by my wild imagination. I kept imagining sneezing and the stick going straight through my brain.
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    You're supposed to just breathe through your mouth man! I took 4 tests so far and all of them went without issue

    Also, will you really be fired if you don't finish?
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    @Hazarth My nose is as tight as my ass, I can feel the unlubricated stick penetrating to it. I can still feel it right now, especially the throat one. I hope I never had to take that test again, especially now that I searched for an x-ray of the test and just how far that stick goes. Better off unseen.

    I probably won't be fired but I don't know, I just feel like a shitty dev most of the time. Why did you take the test many times though?
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    @rutee07 Im pretty sure ur a good dev. And really I think one has to fuck up royally to be fired for it... Things like "we missed the deadline" just happen all the time and It's a process of learning to estimate and manage better. I think most managers understand that at least...

    Ah see, Im in Slovakia:
    First test was first wave, before a company party, mandatory

    Next two tests were part of the nationwide testing Slovakia did, they were technically optional, but not really, but I didn't have an issue taking those

    And lastly another test 3 days ago before company xmas party
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    @Hazarth Oh wow, I guess I'm just not used to it. How did you do the Christmas party?
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    It was a smaller party, up to 8 people, we lost a lot of people during first wave, but the way it worked was that to attend you needed a negative antigen or pcr test not older than 5 days. The rest was just mulled wine, food and fun!

    We also started a bit earlier during work hours and slowly build up. It was quite nice
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