how is the big sur for mb pro ? all stuff working fine?
And also how do you work with those ice cold pieces of apple metals in these frosty morning? i have caught cold and i seriously suspect this macbook 🥶🥶🥶

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    You don’t have central heating, no?
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    I'm my experience no MacBook stays cold for long after you start it up!
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    Big sur is just as awful as all previous versions of OSX. If you like OSX, then Big sur is fine.

    To deal with the cold metal, you put it on a desk, connect an external display, a mechanical keyboard and a proper mouse. Then you turn on your central heating, set your AC to hot, or switch on your space heater, make yourself a hot chocolate, add rum, eat some warm apple pie, preheat your sex toy to 40c, put on some of the filthiest porn you can find...

    ...or well, whatever works for you to get yourself into the holiday mood.
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    You can also call your most annoying client/manager over for drinks, then gut them and crawl inside their decomposing corpse for warmth.
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    No real problems for me. To heat up your Mac just start an iphone sim in xcode.
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