So recently out of stupid i plugged my mi a2 device (which claims to support 18w fast charging) to 61w macbook charger. Results? Phone charged faster than ever. 30 mins and i have a hot ass phone gone from 4 to 100%.
But there is more. This same phone that holded battery for about a day also started loosing battery at a beautiful 1% per minute of usage rate and somehow drained back to 10% in next 2 hours. Further more my usual 5w charger can no longer charge it and it was still getting drained WHILE being charged. Now anything that could charge my phone was the same macbook charger at a super awesome rate of 3-4% per HOUR .

Sent to service center , they kept it for 4 days, with diagnosis that i have fried my mother board, my battery system and my battery is swollen more than my fat ass with a price of almost of a new phone :/

Lesson learnt : don't be an idiot . Both macbook and my phone chargers are type C but that doesn't mean they 2 are compatible with each other.

Also, a random fact : xiaomi's os is soooo full of shit. My mi a2 is an android one device and has a so much clean ui. In the last 3 days i used my dad's xiaomi note something phone and that shit showed ads even in wallpapers! Fuck

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    I think Xiaomi fucked up something. I am regularly changing my tablet with 95W laptop charger without any problems.
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    This can happen with a surge in electricity even if you're using the phone's charger.
    They clearly fucked up
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    Sounds like xiaomi fucked up. Afaik the charging controllers on both devices are supposed to handshake on the amount of current.

    I use a 65W Lenovo laptop charger with my Xiaomi Poco F1, works fine
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    I basically charge everything with my macbook power supplies.
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    I'm with the other commenters, I use a Lenovo type C laptop charger for all my type C devices without any issue
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    About that last line: totally true. However, the hardware they provide for the price is just awesome.
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