Unrelated, but since I'm stuck at home in a foreign country for Christmas, I think I'm gonna go ahead and buy Bitwig as a Christmas gift for myself.

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    Which country? Why you stuck there?

    ... I'm just being nosy. Feel free to not answer.
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    Oooh, that sounds like fun.
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    @NoMad the UK... apparently we have a mutant strain or whatever so the Belgian government panicked and (even though that mutation existed for a month or so) out of the blue outright forbid any travel, effectively preventing me from coming back to my own country. Apparently none of these fine gentlemen knew virus could mutated or have established any procedure in case that would happens.
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    @ostream I see.
    And what are you gonna make with bitwig?
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    @ostream Of course they have a plan for this. But that is not the point. The point is control. Lock downs are not about protecting anyone. They are about enforcing control.

    I heard about a study/data coming out of China. They tracked 300 asymptomatic covid 19 positive individuals. These people were within a population of 11 million. There were zero cases of transmission to the people they interacted with. The whole point of lock downs is to prevent asymptomatic spread. According to that data from China it doesn't work that way. I don't know all the parameters of that data. Also, there is the specter of "getting it again". From what I understand there have been 4 people out of 50 million who have contracted it again. Statistically speaking you cannot get it again. At this point media coverage is intended to cause fear and abuse power.

    You quarantine the sick, not the healthy.
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    @NoMad I'm mostly making techno as its kinda my main scene and it's traditionally quite minimalist. But I'd like to try other genres
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