I actually like my job. Lately I get annoyed by various automated notifications and alerts beeing sent to multiple distribution groups. Nobody wants to listen and set up mailboxes that one can be subscribed to. Nooo.. let's not be effective and spend 1h a day sorting out useless crap. Most of it could easily just be kept in log files. I am realy sick of it. We are all complaining about it too. It's just crazy ridiculous.

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    I’ve set a rules to place all such emails in the spam folder. When I get asked if I red such and such email my answer is “I must have missed that between all the noise I get on a daily basis.” I have no time to read rubbish emails, there’s more important things to do.
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    Exactly. I have rules in place aswell, but some do not get recognised and still land in inbox. Altogether 1000+ emails some of which come in a form most like java log files. We could double the staff and it would not matter as we would all get the lot.
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