I've told my friend the basics of web deving a year ago. I only taught him some basic html and css.

He's been at it trying to make a page for a year now, not even knowing about version management or how to use JS.

I feel bad.

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    You haven't really told him the basics then.
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    @kamen one could argue
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    good job!
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    Is your friend a toddler? 1 year.
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    To feel better, send him this:
    - https://www.git-tower.com/learn/
    - https://javascript.info/

    Provide the dude with list of quality guides/tutorials/books/whatever so he can progress faster

    Tell him to join dev communities over the discord and slack, dev.to is also non toxic and noob friendly place, make it easier for him
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    Do we really need devs that don't know how to search out and find answers on their own? Do we anyone in any professional field that doesn't do this? Spoon feeding people isn't helping them.
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    @craig939393 he's mostly just really determined and convinced and idk how to handle it
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    @Demolishun well I agree with you but remembered something from times I was noob which is kinda impossible situation nowadays

    I could search better than most of my peers in highschool, same on college, I even showed few tricks to my friends on how to get better results etc.

    That is all good until you have to remember name of something that exists but can't. You know you read it somewhere but never used it before, so you just want to see example from the documentation. You try to search something but fail all the time.

    If you are part of community on discord or slack you can just ask there and find out that you were trying to find someting called 'currying'.

    Not knowing the names of things like that was my pain point when I was total noob 20y ago without someone who I could just ask as none of my friends (including online ones) weren't into programming at all.

    Yeah also had 56k internet connection and web 2.0 was in its infancy so not much blogs and tutorials existed.
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    @Demolishun yeah I feel like in this particular situation, trying to introduce him to git or JS would make things even worse.

    Like giving someone a chainsaw after a year of failed attempts to cut a tree with an axe.
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