Real devs don’t take “time off”. Christmas break means two weeks to catch up on my Robert Martin book, implement that component/service for the side project that I’ve put off and continue that kubernetes course I bought that’s prob out of date by now.

Time offs more like designated training time.

By the way, merry Christmas.
And happy birthday Jesus 🙏

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    Real devs don't take time off. We light the menorah and work xmas so the slackers can enjoy their holidays. 😎
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    @SortOfTested I’m half working. ales accompanied me through the work day
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    Fuck real devs. Get your sweaty asses of the chair so you don’t walk like Notre Dame’s humpback in your 50s.
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    That sounds unhealthy, hen. Moving away from the computer occasionally is good for you.
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    glad that I'm no real dev
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    Real devs take as much time off as they want/need and use that time as they see fit.
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    Christmas days are nothing but regular work days?

    Only Christmas Eve that's a big social gathering.
    Although this year's very different due covid-19...
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    You guys taking this too seriously 🤣. Merry Christmas yall
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    @ItsNotMyFault I agree. My time off thoughts spent catching up though. It’s not just my profession but my hobby and passion. It never just goes away for a week or two
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    @Elyz oh I’m mountain biking, hiking and weightlifting on a daily basis. I still find balance
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