I absolutely despise how businesses lean towards using social media for any kind of transaction or source of information when it's so easy for attention whores to flood that shit with useless shit. It's like no one bothers to make a website anymore or at least have a working phone number you can call. It's so convenient to just create a Facebook or Instagram account and put all the information there.

It's just so goddamn annoying how you use this crap for business and call it technology when all I fucking see are ass and tits everywhere. Can you at least be a little less lazy and untag yourself from that kind of bullshit? Don't get me wrong. I love looking at those but I can't seem to search for a fucking restaurant review without seeing someone's ass on it. Search for any type of establishment and you can bet your grandmother's silicone tits that someone has taken a picture of their ass on it or some pseudo-modeling bullshit and tagged that fucking business.

Man, I will not slut shame you for posting a half nude picture. I will not care if you upload a sex video. You fucking go, girl, but for the sake of all things satanic, stop tagging every semi-related business to it just so more people can look at your ass. We've seen enough. I've seen enough butts for ten lifetimes, I don't need to look at this shit when all I wanted to see was the damn menu.

You're disgusting. You're a fucking cunt and I'm pretty sure you know by now that you have nothing else to offer. You can call yourself a model all you want but stay the fuck away from my food. Keep that shit on your own page and maybe find a legitimate company to sponsor you instead of doing this kind of cheap shit. Those likes may fill the void inside your empty cranium but you should know by now that there are millions of basic bitches like you doing exactly the same thing cluttering every platform there is and you all look fucking the same to me.

This is the future of technology, ass and tits everywhere. You can't eat without looking at one. Fucking whores.

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    Hmmm weird. I also got some of these unwanted search results and ads. Don't know why, I pretty sure it's not on my recent searches. I don't know. Maybe the AI knows.
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    The future is now
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    Should be tagged with "Naomi Wu", right?
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    @Fast-Nop I wish I didn't search for that..
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    @rutee07 She's what happens with weak spelling skills - like confusing silicon with silicone.
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    @rutee07 "But but but, i am a strong independent CEO/entrepreneur/self made helicopter in a world full of evil cars"
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    @rutee07 I wish I wasn't curious after your comment..
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    What if AI gets your sexual orientation wrong. That would be like some variant of Don't Starve At Home in real world.
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