You know when you can't sleep and think, I'll just do something simple, but useful, it will only take 10 minutes..

How hard can it be to change a CMOS battery in your laptop in this day and age..


Looking on the manufacturers website, it looks piss easy according to the diagrams.

Even a YouTube video, it looks easy..

Meanwhile, in reality..

First off, the CMOS battery I carefully ordered arrives, but its the wrong wiring..

Good thing I checked first right !


Soldering iron time, change those wires around a little.

Now, where did I put that solder..

FX [ Considerable time passes finding it... ]

"Ouch!" burnt my finger !

Right, that's done, now to tape those joints up..

FX [ Runs out of tape.. ]

No problem, must be some more somewhere right..

FX [ Time passes after searching house... ]

Probably some in the garage..

Who needs to get fully dressed, just pop out in your Arthur Dent dressing gown in the rain..

You find some, eventually..

So, that's sorted.

Now, lets open up that laptop and swap the battery over !

Mmm... that's odd, the battery is glued in place..

But in the video it isn't !

No problem, I'll just take the case apart a little..

Lets check that YouTube video first though..

28 screws later, and they still haven't taken the part that covers that CMOS battery..

No problem, I'll just watch the entire video, they are bound to cover it at some point, right..


Ok, lets not take the entire thing apart, when all I have to do is insert a sharp knife and cut the glue away between the battery and, that thing its glued to, without damaging the laptop in a tiny gap I can't really see..

Still, its fun feeling around with a sharp pointy knife inside a laptop, isn't it..

The glue is cut, and the old battery comes out !

Hurray !

Mmm.. lets not bother gluing the new battery in, we'll just stuff it roughly in the same area and hope for the best, after all, this is a desktop laptop, it never goes anywhere, so it shouldn't jiggle loose..

Whilst we are here, lets upgrade the memory.

And try and remember how to seat laptop memory correctly..

Boot to BIOS, load defaults, reboot to BIOS, set time, and other really important things, then reboot, and we get to Windows desktop just fine.

Now change the virtual memory settings to static file, do a defrag, and reboot..

Oh I mean, wait ages for a defrag and then reboot..

That's so we can try and get that lovely pagefile all in one chunk..

Obviously, it won't be finished doing that till tomorrow, or the next day..

Oh look, its already the next day and its the afternoon and I'm still in my dressing gown !

Maybe I'll just have a snooze..

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    Oh I forgot one of the test cables on my meter, broke..

    Temp fix that with some tape to hold it in place..

    Checking YouTube there was a guide on how to fix that !

    Only, when I tried it, it just fell apart in little pieces and didn't come apart as per video..

    Oh well, only $3 for a new set from Ebay.
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    CMOS batteries need wires now?
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    Choose your connector type, and they come in 2 and 3 wire versions !

    And probably different thicknesses just to be difficult !

    There was me foolishly thinking, Oh I'll just pop in a new button battery since I've got several new spares.

    But no, my first time inside a laptop to change its CMOS battery and I find its like this !

    Which oddly reminds me of one of those tiny PC units, that also had a battery like this as well !

    So much for buying a pack of 10...
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    Wtf haha, that can't be cheaper than just putting a coin holster in there for the cell batteries. Seems completely overkill lol.

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