Can anyone recommend a book or course on the mathematical symbology needed to be able to read The Art of Computer Programming? My biggest problem with these kinds of theory books is they assume knowledge of those branch of maths, and I don't even know the name of it to begin looking! Even concepts I know how to code look foreign, viewed in this way, but I want to understand.

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    It informs much of Stanford's CS curriculum, the list of textbooks they use are generally available for perusal on their registrar's site in the course description.

    Also don't neglect to pick up the MMIX supplement to use during your reading.
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    TAoCP assumes pretty much high school level mathematics (algebra, basic calculus), and then devotes a chapter to covering what is required on top of that.

    My copy is pretty old (second edition), but in here it is section 1.2. But if you're not already familiar with this sort of thing, I'd recommend going through all of chapter 1, doing as many exercises as necessary to secure your understanding.
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    And Appendix A has a list of all the mathematical terminology used, together with a reference to where it is introduced in the text.
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    Ohhhhhh man I had a book for this at one point. Let me see if I can find it.
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    ISBN-13 978-1466230521

    I loved it. Helped me understand the Cassowary white paper, for example. I know the terminology and the concepts but the symbology surrounding it always tripped me up so I got this to see if it'd help. Perhaps it would help you.
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