Developing on New Year's Eve 2021 is all about location. So many choices: living room, computer room, dog house, bathroom, toilet,...

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    You get good wifi in the dog house?
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    The dog needs good WiFi, he has to watch his cat videos
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    Protip: Move your desk as far as at least a new wall.

    I have a triple 27 monster mounted to a fucking like 800 pound desk and I will still compulsively tear it all down, move it 5 feet to a different wall, then rebuild it all.

    I do this once every 6 months or when a bad burnout hits, whichever comes first.

    I don't know why, but this has always created enough change of scenery that it gets me out of my funk.
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    Thanks for that pro tip. I wish I had space for that. My desk is a true monster that only fits one wall in the appartment. That's why I can't wait on receiving a new notebook. Still I rather work at the office. It's just as noisy, but I don't have to explain to my kids that I work and don't have time for them even though I am at home.
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