There are 3 types of coders on Codingame:

1. Those who want to learn and to teach others. They write solid code with either comments or non-obfuscated code so it can be read and understood by others.
2. The engineers who believe in not only building a better mousetrap but it should be a smart mousetrap and integrate machine learning so it can one day out-think the mouse when all that was needed was "Hello, world"
3. Code golfers showing off their...putters

Of course, one of any of these types in any given language may be a totally different type in a another language.

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    The engineers realize they never asked the client if this field needed to be editable, they had just assumed every aspect of the project needed to be part of the CMS.

    And the golfers are bragging about how they could have developed the Hello World with fewer characters (and only 2,200 dependencies).

    And the teachers are all teaching advanced frameworks for making "Hello World" an offline first serverless WPA SPA REST enabled deep mind AI integrated IoT connected distributed cloud clusterfuck.

    Me: <p>Hello World</p>
    Bill a half hour and await the change orders.
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    When I first started working as a controls engineer we had the following bias:

    1. scientists that theorize that things can work or not with hopeful math

    2. teachers who talk about the things scientists are doing and sometimes what the engineers are doing

    3. engineers that just make all the shit everyone else is talking about work with concrete implementations

    What I found:

    1. extremely intelligent scientists who can model anything regardless if it actually works

    2. engineers that solve the problems of the things the scientists thought about making work

    3. when engineers present ideas based upon empirical evidence for a new approach to a science the science guys say it cant work (old biases)

    4. teachers repeating what scientists and engineers say

    My opinion after having worked as an engineer and now a software developer. First it should work, then it should work efficiently, then move on. Hopefully you can make sense of it 6 months from now.
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    I remember codingame..it’s a little disappointing bc writing smart algorithms can only get you so far without being a probability AI guru. I got my ass kicked in the racing game bc i didn’t know enough physics. Ummm I’m not a physicist. Physics for me was years ago in college
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    @d-fanelli I'm doing challenges to learn new languages but I agree with you. Some of the challenges involve aspects which are highly specialized and, right now at least, are in no way applicable to my daily work.
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