*Drinking game for developers*
Take a dictionary,open it on a random page and pick a random word.
Now google for "<word>.js"
If it's a Javascript library, take a drink.
The winner is the last person to go to the hospital with alcohol poisoning.

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    I’ll lose bc seeing js makes me want to drink myself to death
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    Actually like the idea, although I'll probably never use it because I'm not much of a drinker and neither are most of my friends x)
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    We once did this with rule 34...

    Let's just say most didn't throw up because of the alcohol.

    This whole JS thing is definitely a candidate for this either.
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    @CptFox Do it with soda.

    Winner is the last person to get diabetes.
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    @CptFox drinking could be replaced with some chore, like solving a merge conflict, getting a cup of coffee for your opponent, doing the dishes [when played with your spouse],..

    Kind of replaces the dice roll or the rock-paper-scissors
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    Take another one if you happen to have it in youe node_modules
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