In 2021, can i still count on Microsoft in the consumer hardware /software?

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    If the 1990-2020 period didn't scare you off enough, then yes. How much worse can it get?
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    I got a Surface Headphones 1st gen in 2018, snapped in half two months ago. Googled around for a bit and it's very common. What's worse? It's not covered by their warranty and I would have to pay half their price to get them fixed.

    So in the hardware department it's a no from me.
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    @bananaerror what made you buy surface headphones in the first place??
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    @praneshsekar I was in need of a new pair (first purchase) and I sort of care about looks as equally as I do about function, and boy were they a gorgeous pair of headphones.
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    Sounds like stockholm syndrome.
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    If you are after SAAS, Microsoft is still there. And they probably still make good mice too.

    But if you need an OS, better look somewhere else...
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    @bananaerror wtf mate.. No one plays royal rumble with their headphones then expects the manufacturer to bend over to your demands and give you a new one.
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    @MrCSharp but i didnt play royal rumble? i put them on when i use them, and take them off when done. they snapped in half when i went to put them on one morning. when i pay over £200 for a pair of headphones, i expect them to last more than 2 years before snapping.
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