Best: I'm a senior Front-End developer now

Worst: I'm still have no idea what I'm doing

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    Have you tried to look on stackoverflow?
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    Start learning backend techs
    Then soon you will realize how better it will be if you stick with frontend only
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    align-self is a lie!
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    @praneshsekar been a back-end developer for a bit over 3 years (Java and C#)... It's the most repetitive job I've had in IT so far...

    Day 1:
    Search for documentation
    Day 2:
    There is no documentation, might as well look through the code
    Day 3:
    Start coding in this order:
    REST API -> BL -> Storage
    Day 4:
    REST API -> BL -> Storage
    Day 256:
    REST API -> BL -> External Service -> Storage (so diverse, so wow)
    Day 257:
    REST API -> BL -> Storage
    Day 500:
    REST API -> BL -> Storage

    Sure, sometimes something exciting happens where you implement some push notification service... Hell, even sending out a welcome email to break the flow... But for the most part it's all REST, all SQL and no fun.

    The most fun I've had in backend was when I finally tried Node.js and noSQL databases... And that's when I started drifting towards Full-Stack, and now mostly Front-End. Although, I have renounced JavaScript and pretty much only use Typescript.
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    @N00bPancakes 😂... You reminded me of the first production website I built, which for some reason I decided was a good idea to custom style in CSS, without a base framework... I wanted to die
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    "This will only take a little CSS..."


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