Everyone is asking me to post an actual rant instead of memes and jokes. So here it is -

(A man asking a web developer)

Man - I have to make a website. Please tell me what I have to learn?

Programmer - Can u tell me for what purpose will it be used?

Man - It would be kind of a blog.

Programmer - Ok, then you can learn javascript or flask. I would recommend you flask. I don't know HTML and CSS but I have made some websites from which today I earn thousands of dollar.

Man - So I would rather choose JavaScript. Hm?

Programmer - It's your choice. But I would not recommend you to master HTML and CSS because templates are available on internet.

Man - Ok

(Learning HTML and CSS doesn't worth)

This is answer of the challenge which u r doing with a child. Downvote if it doesn't had sense because programmer is having adsense........XD

I can't write much. :(

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    Yo! I got DevRant dark theme in settings. ;)
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    So this is still a joke?
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    Rant is not a fictional story, if you have really experienced something, post it, trying to be funny won't add any value to this community.
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    Not sure if you're a troll, dumb or if this is a language barrier issue.

    I'm going to assume it's a language barrier issue.

    It seems to me you're confused as to what a rant is. A rant is basically angrily venting your issues to other people. So a rant here on devrant is a post in which you're mad about something, maybe a stupid colleague/coworker, a bug you can't seem to fix, a language/framework you hate, etc. A rant is not a fictional story, it's your thoughts on something that got on your nerves or a real story that happened to you (related to programming, of course). There are a few exceptions but this is generally a good rule of thumb.
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    @neeno What he said ^

    Also, there's no need to add unnecessary JS for a blog.
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    @Jilano Jilaaaaaaanooo
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    Thanks to everyone for telling me. I was really confused
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    @Eklavya no worries dude :)
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    @eklavya adding to what the others said about rants, you said before you're 14. In that case rant about something from school for example that pisses you off.

    Also the devrant category is for rants about the devrant platform. For regular rants choose the Rant/Story category.

    Another thing you can do to get used to the community, instead of posting rants, try making comments on the rants of others.
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    @neeno Neeeeeeennnooooooo

    @nibor "But how will people notice me with only comments...!"
    (Good advice)
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    @Jilano who the fuck are you though
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    @electrineer I'm new here, created my account this morning

    By the way, it's a pleasure to meet you! Sir electrineer the enganeer
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    @Jilano You are clearly an imposter, i always thought you were sus.
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    @Frederick "Dude, that's so racist!"

    Her troede jeg, at vi var venner...
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    @Jilano You cant fool me, you are the imposter (the Swede)
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    @Frederick You dare! You've gone too far, dreng... Fucking Svensker even!
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