Work thrives best when there is a stable flow of calm energy. Code a little, relax a little. Stress does little for productivity, from my point of view.

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    Some amount of stress is actually beneficial
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    @electrineer Some amount yes, but not it in itself.
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    You seem to be in a position where you can assess your competence.

    It's a necessity for newcomers to have external stress for setting personal metrics and boundaries.

    Fun part is it's very hard to assess when you've reached the state. It's almost like it depends on if you're content.
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    @3rdWorldPoison, but doesn't stress just comes from life in the 3rd world?
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    @eo2875 Fun part about 3rd world countries. You can be rich as fuck and well to do. Just the fact that there are literally ten more people living in extreme poverty.

    If you're a selfish man you can live a stress-free life
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    @3rdWorldPoison True. And if you're a dev, you either had enough money to pay for a diploma or had enough money to pay for your free time you used in teaching yourself. Good job => good money beforehand => low stress
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