To complete my Master's without losing my job, my sanity, my hair or my waistline

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    You can keep two of those. Take it or leave it.
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    @localpost Well, in that case: I'll keep my job and my waistline.

    My sanity packed its bags long ago and has been threatening to leave for so long that I've forgotten its still here.

    My hair...ah, who needs hair? It works for Patrick Stewart.
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    Ach.. finally someone who's also in the same sh*t hole like me.
    I have been working on the code for my master thesis for months.
    And often I don't have the confidence to finish it.
    Not sure if either it's too difficult for someone on my level, or I am just too lazy.
    I think also on the worse case scenario. i.e not graduate due to failing my thesis thus losing my sanity.

    Nonetheless, I wish us luck in this new year!🙏
    Ganbatte! 💪💪
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    @cho-uc Best of luck with both your motivation , keeping your sanity and your code!

    I'm actually at the other end of the process: I just started digging the hole I'm going to be in.

    My classes start tonight.
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