✅ Reduce coffee to two cups a day
✅ work on side software suite (still working on schema)
✅ workout 5 days a week
✅ eat better and lose 20 pounds
✅ learn something mew every day

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    It's dev goals, not Mission Impossible!
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    @webketje the word softwares somewhere in there lol
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    Let me help you. *Grabs a whip and popcorn*
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    mew... meow
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    @sulkysheer UwU hi thewe bwo

    @OP Go for it, you'll only feel better
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    Two cups of coffee is perfectly doable when defining cup = pot.

    Did you know, that fixing typos in documentation officially counts as working on software...

    Workout is not a well defined term, so technically, a round of StarCraft 2 could suffice.

    That one is not realistic. Drop it.

    Pretty hard to learn anything from cats. While they definitely know, they really don't like to teach...
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    haha i love the mew part :D
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    All of the goals are achievable but the last one - I seriously doubt you'll learn something new EVERY day :) Most of the days - yes, perfectly plausible.

    Last year I've reduced my coffee from 3-5 cups to 1 - 0.5 cup a day (mixing it with decaf). And lost 30kg in 2-something months w/o any workouts. So losing 10 kg, esp with workouts, is prolly a Q1 kind of matter :)

    Go for it! I agree with Jilano - you will definitely feel better!
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    @netikras I think by learning new things I’ll be trying to continue to practice using different pop patterns, working with functional concepts on personal projects, continuous reading of some of Martin’s books (right now on clean arch) and playing around with the put on free time. It doesn’t have to be crazy learning experiences, just walking away with something from the day.

    30kg man that’s crazy! Ima like 9 pounds into the slightly overweight range but not obese at all so the weights gonna be a little hard to shed but more then the weight just hoping to establish healthier habits. Habit of keeping the gym steady and cooking right
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    @netikras oop** pie** damn iOS is failing me lately
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