I can complain about strato webhosting whatever I want here without hurting feelings because all the people who work there probably only come here for the memes.

I told them that their many cpus in their servers are from a commodore64. But since their price, they even bought their commodore64 on Alibaba. Bastards.

He reacted seriously on the commodore64 thing.

When I compared their servers with a tamagotchi with a rj45 in the back he got the point.

Can someone raise the char limit of rants? When it comes to this company - I could write a novel about magic better than Harry Potter.

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    64 bits at least... oh wait...

    Just post in comments on rant. Say "continued in comments" then post away.
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    @Demolishun let's do this. Will write first one know. The whole story for now is two phone calls - the reason of phoning them was ending contact
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    After a full five minutes of ranting - if i recorded this I would be the new @Root in upvotes - I asked them if they do dogfeeding. I explained what dogfeeding was and that I know what it is and he thought pretty long if he uses some product from the company. I was tired of waiting and I said 'The coffeemachine does not count'. He laughed and said 'The coffee sucks here'.

    So they don't have good servers and the coffee sucks. I asked him if he did work for a florist because the performance looks like a flower pot with an up address.

    A lot of these posts will come, i was in a manic state of humor. You know - the cry and happy at the same time. Just laughing about how they suck.
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    Those insults are amazing! 😂
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    @Root that's how manic agressive I was, it kept on going. I was surprised myself. Took me not a second to think even. I hope I still remember tomorrow. Because I have around 20 posts more. Literally.

    But I have too sleep. At least I try to
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    Pff, I'm trying to relax about it. Maybe there was a valid reason for other stuff that made me mad. Maybe this was the reason Jira SaaS was so slow - they hosted it there. We did assume in some retro it was some angry sheep that lives on the farm where the high quality rpi server was chewing in it. It was a long retro but it had to be that. Really smart people came with that conclusion. Pravda
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    Strato webhosting is a bane on the existence of every german webdev. Many clients demand this piece of shyte hoster because muh' german security gurantees. Overpriced, underperforming garbage.
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    @EdoPhoenix hah, that protection is part of the rand. They're like please give your security pin. I'm like what? They're like 'Yh, no experience with that?' and i was like 'No you guys are ofcourse the only having it (like many things). Then spoke in drunk dutch (German 😁, sorry dudes 😂)' we are German and bla bla security bblaah). Ok, fine, I said 'So, I dont have it'. They say login. I said no, the performance is so annoying, watch yourself. Then I got the pin on text. I gave him that code he sent me and he was happy. Interesting.

    If the Germans 70 years ago were based on their technology they never had reached more than localhost 🙄 I did say that - they did not get it 🙄
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    @rooter strato is an exceptionally bad case, they were at some point the only hosting provider for germany, and once germans get used to something it's hard to convince them to change. So they got shittons of money from one of the wealthiest populations on earth, and because many here still dont understand technology today, strato can go rip them off with horendous markups. I hope my country will soon get a grip on this because modern software really needs a touch of german engineering.
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    @EdoPhoenix I live next to you in a sad overrated place called nl. I'm a developer. My wealth is ok but the wealth of friends... This o so rich country is so expensive that always sit with the same people at the bar.

    Eating outdoors here often equals a rent. This is a 3rd world country and yours is too.
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