Please if you read this, please give me the strength to stay diplomatic with my lead (or resign on the spot).

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    Sometimes, diplomacy is overrated.

    - Validate your manager's opinion (I understand the budget is a huge concern.)
    - Tell the truth and state your case (but a lack of security will cost us more)
    - Attack issues and not people
    - Make it clear "When you ____, I feel ____. If you continue ____, I will resign."
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    that's me giving you strength. Use it wisely.

    Remember, with great strength comes great responsibility. And think about the consequences of your actions.
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    @devphobe yeah, I don't want to blackmail them into resigning though. I'm having issues though because I don't mind the person, he's a good dude, but goddamn he's a pain in my yes.

    I'm thinking of moving out and start freelancing, but I have to take the leap.
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    @netikras Thank you, it worked, my code will get merged finally.
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