Clueless manager asking me to write down tasks needed step by step, to complete a complex project.

I send the list.

10min later I get an email asking me when will I complete the first task as the second one is waiting on my attention.

This just flips somekind of switch in my brain. Not a good one.

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    @AtuM maybe he just wants to know the timeline, and "one month from today" will be an acceptable answer?
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    @sudo-compile he just wanted to do his job of managing. This project was a big deal to the company and he needed to be involved as he was my boss. There was champagne and a trophy at the end for first implementation in the region and some bs. He was able to say we did it as a team. 👏💪
    Moreover he was the kind of person who lowers your stimulation just to see how you react. A true 💎.
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