An average Magento 2 exception stacktrace.

(I've seen others with 120+ levels).

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    Why is it always PHP

    Even Java business frameworks aren't this bad
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    @12bitfloat this is extreme for even php.

    Frameworks are just layers upon layers upon layers of abstraction.

    It's sad when your code hits something so far down before it breaks.
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    Wow, that's a trace!

    Btw., the devrant tag is only for stuff about devrant.com itself. There are only devs here so that every rant is a "developer rant".
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    @C0D4 But it seems like every major PHP framework does this... I've seen 200 frame traces for a simple (well, apparently not) ecommerce framework
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    @12bitfloat laravels never been hard to trace, or it’s subset micro framework
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    @C0D4 it’s not intuitive is the prob. Most .net core web api exceptions I get regardless of how many layers there are, focus on the issue at hand and offer fix suggestions. It’s 2021, frameworks should offer suggestions in their exception stack. Although symfony handled exceptions a pretty badass manner and seeing that little ghost every time lowered the frustration slightly lol
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    Oh, magento. Magento is the most overegineered framework in the world (maybe even worse than drupal) and the worst thing is, its really badly overengineered. Thousands of abstractions and calls, you need a book to understand one simple request.

    They wanted to apply Java reasoning to PHP which is so wrong to begin with.

    And of course the documenation is non-existent and written only as if you are going to be working with the magento gui and never have to write an extension for it.

    And to top it off... Adobe owns it. 😄
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