Was told by manager: "Ok, that's not the standard we're using. Just curious why you changed it."

I said, "This is the way I've been doing it for 3 years. I'll be glad to modify it to match the standard if you can point me to an example."

He said, "Don't worry about it. Leave it as it is."

What I thought: "Ok, if that's the case...why even mention it?"

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    Seems like a normal conversation.

    "what's up with this? oh a good reason, yeah that's ok"

    The alternative would seem worse.
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    I agree with @N00bPancakes

    I mean I'd also like to see what the standard solution is for reference. But I assume if the manager didn't care it was prolly good enough or better? Hmm
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    My boss keeps asking why he doesn't get any updates since we transitioned to scrum. He doesn't understand he can see everything on demand or something I guess.. Last week he apparently got into a discussion about this that he feels he's being kept out of the loop lol
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    Others say this is normal but a red flag to me if the boss is new..

    I had a boss like this once and he was just a mega control freak. Careful.
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    He chose not to do anything though, could equally be a good sign that he isn't a control freak...
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    Interesting perspectives on this. I didn't see it that way. Thanks, everyone!

    I took this as: "We have standards but we really don't care if you follow them"

    Which means they aren't so much standards as suggestions.

    Keep in mind the "standards" were developed behind closed doors and there is no documentation for them as far as we can tell. This makes it impossible to know what a sacred cow is until you attempt to make steak out of it.

    That's discouraging.
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    Probably worth asking about the standards and etc, but it is good that they're flexible enough to not be dogmatic about it.
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    @N00bPancakes I can see your point. But, at the same time, I will get chided for not following the standards which are not documented.
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    Hmm... Curiosity?
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