New year and several months after I stopped working with the other team who borrowed me and their jackass senior is still harboring some bitterness towards me. Still talking in the same passive aggressive manner and wouldn't stick to just the necessary details when investigating a problem. Everything he has to say can be put into one sentence but people just had to deal with his insufferable rambling of how great he is and how bad someone else is.

Several times, he would tell my colleagues that "your backend didn't do this" referring to me. Keep in mind, that component is worked on by a different team and there's no way he can tell that that's what really happened because he has no access to the code. If he does, then he would know that we didn't develop that component so saying such a shitty, petty thing is a scumbag move.

It's the same shit he always did, making assumptions, investing so much emotion to it, and then just broadcasting his bullshit as if it was a fact. He could have just said, "we didn't receive these details" then someone from the appropriate team would have checked what actually happened. Instead, he acts like an all-knowing programming god who somehow doesn't need to read the code or logs. He just snaps his fingers and voila, answers.

Fuck you, you scumbag. I have never met anyone so petty that he would spend so much time and effort trying to demolish someone he doesn't even work with anymore. What a sad life you must live. It must really suck to be ugly inside and out and at the same time, be such a fucking delusional web developer. Fuck you and your PyCharm.

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    Surely someone else must see this guy for who he truly is? We have someone similar here,but after asking around a bit I quickly worked out he was a known joke.
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    @AlmondSauce I think they do. The managers know he has a conflict with another manager and the team had to be split into two just to keep them apart. It's just a matter of who the snake is and based on my experience, this guy is pretty quick in slandering the other manager so people side with him.

    He taught most of the developers in their team so even if they hated him, I doubt they would speak up. I wouldn't be surprised if he's talking shit about me to other people like he did with the manager.
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