Bought a creality ender 3 a while ago, been working great so far.

First purchased model I printed from gambody.

Anyone else dabbles in 3d prints?

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    That looks really nice!

    I've been looking into 3D printers, and I'm planning to buy a Prusa Mini+ or an Ender 3 V2 in the near future
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    Looks like wax or butter or something
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    @LotsOfCaffeine cool, I'm using ender 3 v2

    Initially I was thinking of buying prusa mk3 but then again I could buy 3 different creality machines with the same price point so.. 🤣
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    @ichijou the MK3 is a very high end machine, a friend of mine has one and it's really good
    The mini+ is a bit cheaper, though still more expensive than an Ender 3
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    @localpost yeah the lighting wasn't really helping, the material is a white pla

    @LotsOfCaffeine awesome, good to know, I read that it does the job really" well out of the box
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    @ichijou yeah we'll see, I recently moved places so "3D printer to play around with" isn't the highest of priorities
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    @ichijou Oh no, it looks good
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    That looks really good! I had a Creality CR-10, but it took up too much space. Waiting for the Prusa Mini+ to start shipping now!
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    Which model is this? Been looking into some.
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    Looks good - but wasn't 3D printing supposed to make piracy finally win over the physical world?
    Why are you _buying_ models instead of just copying them?!
    Isn't there a pirate bay for models too?
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    @ScriptCoded cool, does the cr 10 comes with dual z axis?

    I tried to be very careful in maintaining & adjusting my machine, but after 3 months of almost continuous use, the threaded rod already slightly wobbly from what I can see

    though afaik it hasn't really affected the print quality

    @rutee07 here you go, for mine I modified the face slightly in blender to gain "more likeness" to in game ciri rendering


    @Oktokolo idk about that, at least I haven't found any, there's a lot of good free models available besides the paid ones,

    I think it all boils down similarly to paid vs pirated software,

    the difference that I see is that with pirating software (not that I endorse it in any way) some might feel like they're winning against the clutch of big companies from trying to suck your money by selling an expensive and overpriced (albeit necessary) software

    while on this case you're pretty much supporting the actual person who made those models, granted some might be selling those models via a third party/organization that took certain amount of commission (not sure about this tho, but I see captions "xx% goes to the artist" on some sites)

    Then again, let's just say I don't really have any choice but to buy the model I want or make it myself, the latter is a difficult path to achieve so 🤷🏻‍♂️
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    @ichijou I bought mine way back when they just started shipping, so mine didn't. I do believe they changed that in a later reply revision, and if not I know that you can get them separately.
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    Clicked on this post only because the printed model is holding a fork with some violet cone stuck on it. I was hoping to find what's that violet cone on the fork :)
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    @netikras It's a lamp and the fork are air slits in a circular base.

    At first I though the same. Like what is that Lance
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    @ichijou is it Ciri?
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    Printing with nylon with my highly modified ender 3v2
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    @jay91 yes it is

    @gurbakhshish whoa that looks sick, how'd you upgrade the additional z axis? Mind sharing a link/reference?
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    @ichijou you should do one of Gunther O'Dim
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    @ichijou this is what I am using for dual z https://amazon.com/dp/B08B6B5SMG/.... I also have a 630 gt2 belt and a 20 tooth gt2 gears
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