Already been working from home, but due to covid, work from home intensifies, got bored, bought 3d printer, starting to get bored again, tried painting models, haven't got bored yet

My third time painting a 3d printed model, kai'sa k/da version from lol

Primed with spray putty primer but then I got lazy on the post processing (sanding etc), painted using cheap acrylic paint

Model downloaded from


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    One more left to full set
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    This is legit cool. I don't know anything about 3d printing, got any recommendations/pointers to start delving in the atea before I go on an internet quest?
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    Those look good!
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    Damn, nice.

    Somehow I never thought about painting 3D printed parts, so many possibilities in terms of making toys, board games and decorations.

    I recently ordered a plastic 3D printed roof tile because I live in a monumental house and the ceramic tiles have a very specific shape, and I actually found a model for it in an architectural database.

    Which printer do you have?
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    @iiii @iamai thanks!

    @AleCx04 I'm still new at this as well (just started around 2 months ago) so my answer would probably have some inaccuracies or not very objective

    There are several kinds of printer, but the affordable/most common kinds nowadays would be either FDM or SLA

    Creality makes one of the most affordable machines while also retaining the print quality

    There are other famous and more expensive brands like makerbot, ultimaker, prusa

    Some youtube channels I watched before buying are maker's muse, justvlad, chep, 3d printed tabletop, scott yu jan and those timelapse" print videos

    There are various website to look for 3d prints model, these are the ones that I frequently visited
    - thingiverse is good for a lot of quality free models
    - myminifactory has a lot of sculptures or tabletop minis either free or paid
    - cults3d is probably similar to thingiverse with he exception of paid models
    - 3d model marketplace such as sketchfab or cgtrader sometimes has printer ready models
    - some lesser known sites (for me at least, kinda accidentally stumbled upon them) such as gambody or fab365 (fab365 has accurate and easy to print models but the way they put watermark is rather obnoxious)

    @bittersweet well, my main reason for buying a printer is so that I can print my own toys, and so far it has turned out to be better than I thought

    I'm using creality ender 3 v2, been thinking of buying a resin printer but seems to be more of a hazardous risk than rewarding for me right now

    Roof tile? As in a large batch of those or only to fix certain parts?
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    The almost complete lack of visible layer lines boggles the mind, did you end up doing heavy tuning, or was this out of the box?
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    Or are the primer and paint filling the layer lines?
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    @Nosferatu I'm not sure what you meant with "heavy" tuning, but I do adjust everything every now and then, and move around the x & y by hand just to make sure there's no jagged movements before any print

    Except for the upgraded stiffer bed spring, everything else is stock.

    From what I could think of, layer height, primer, sanding & painting definitely helped hiding the layer lines, but the most visible one is on the leg of the left side model, I think bc of the lack of support it went kinda wobbly around the end of the print (you can see layering on the thighs)

    As for the other models, I did have some excellent result (if I say so myself) with certain config and material (used creality white pla at the time but coudn't replicate it even with different filament roll of the same brand & color)

    The middle model's lower body is really smooth after 2 layer of primer with no sanding at all, there's glue mark from when I tried to assemble the model before painting, since I'm going to glue the same place again I didn't bother cleaning it up

    The middle model is printed on 0.12mm layer height, the others are on 0.16 (I was impatient at the time)
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    @ichijou dat ass 😏
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    What was the print time like?
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    @Nosferatu approx model height ~25-30cm

    Akali - right model

    0.16mm layer height
    Material: Light blue esun pla+
    # of parts: 6 including base
    Total time: ~36 hrs

    Kai'sa - left model

    0.16mm layer height
    Material: yellow esun pla+
    # of parts: 5 including base
    Total time: ~41 hrs

    Ahri - middle model

    0.16 mm layer height (sorry I was wrong, earlier I thought I used 0.12)
    Material: white creality pla
    # of parts: 8 including base & tail
    Total time: ~42 hrs
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    @ichijou Yeah I replaced only a single roof tile after a storm, I live in an ancient Dutch house and those tiles are impossible to find.

    It was printed with anthracite colored ASA filament for weather resistance, and I used a woodworking router to create some spaces in the underside which I filled with some cement for weight.
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