After years of searching, you find that one vital component for your project.

Only the manufacturer appears to have stopped making it..

And its so rare, it doesn't show up as ever having been for sale on Ebay second hand..

You go to contact the folk who make it, but their website contact form throws up an error..

Well, lets try emailing them and tell them about their broken website, so I can then ask them, are you still making product X, even though its not listed in your current inventory anymore..

And if you aren't making it, why not make some more now !

And then..

Could you change the design a little for me..

Doesn't look good I'll ever get that far somehow !

Still, one has to try..

Why does this feel like I'm playing an MMORPG...

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    Because life is a game? 🤔
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    Want to buy a ps5. Feels the same
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    It's like when you search a MMORPG world for those rare artefacts, weapons, gear, perhaps that are not made any more and only a few exist.

    Or you was lucky and you got a lucky drop years ago.

    So much for the idea of getting 2 and having a spare !
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    for some reason as a solution, I'm thinking 3D printing likely because of the other thread. Don't even know if that is feasible.

    Anycase good luck in your quest good sir! May the heavens shine on your plea and your steadfast pc lead you to your fortune.
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    3D printing was a solution I was intending towards, but then I saw an already existing product that did what I wanted, by a long established company that knows its onions.

    Why reinvent the wheel I thought..

    As I'm trying to build something using as many off the shelf parts as possible, this was very appealing.

    I guess in part this is why folk are 3D printing stuff..

    It's just that its a very difficult to engineer component and not for the faint hearted, plus would cost 10 times, or more.. to get it 3D printed than to buy it off the shelf !

    Plus take me 1 to 2 years to design.

    Or longer !
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    @Nanos yes I was also thinking to print something there has to be a file to base on. And unless it was very common then it would immediately available but it has become rare and the file likely won't exist. But hey money can certainly buy anything. You might even consider if it's just an untap opportunity to earn from as well and worth investing in. Maybe you're not the only one in the planet who wants it :)
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