I figured it out... I'm not a software developer, I'm a farmer...

I shovel shit and shepherd sheep... and the buggy code my farm produces is like raw milk, ready to be pasteurised for production use.

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    Don’t forget to cut some trees and make some new fences for your animals. Yes at first most of your animals will get trough holes and at some point you might find out that they disappear in the middle of the map in the big black hole but how much fun you will have going trough all those never ending riddles.

    And don’t forget to rest cause you’re never gonna finish this up.
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    This could mean some farmer is milking a MacBook somewhere while a dog is running around him. Would watch
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    Way to ruin the milk!
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    I wanna be a moose farmer baby.

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    That is called a "project lead".
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    @phat-lasagna you can be anything you want young man: https://images.app.goo.gl/UdVRTCKoX...

    But for the record: nothing beats an apache attack helicopter. Prrrr
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