We have a lot of smart people around here. We have a lot in common but technologies differ. Is it an idea to create a review tag and try it for a month or so like a poc?

I am thinking about books / hardware. I'm sure there is a lot of underrated stuff that needs to be shared and reviewed by professionals / enthusiasts.

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    @k33da best comment ever, since there is literally a button for it 😂 Thanks bro 😂
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    just a feeling but wouldn't that turn devrant toxic like SO is? Reviews tend to be opinionated and subjective and might end up being just flamewars.

    Not sure though, could also be fun and educational if we could keep it civil...
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    @Hazarth meh, I have faith in the community. If it's toxic we just delete it

    Animo so far does not seem to be high anyway :)
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    I want programming tests in each language that we have to complete to get badges for that language.
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