I working on one giant project with a team of 5 devs for almost a year already. At the start of the project, our launch goal was to finish one mobile app, one admin web application and 3 other micro-services. It's quite bad actually with the timeline and manpower but not very bad yet and somehow we are able to manage. (2 devs work on mobile app and the rest, including me take one backend service each).

With so many changes in between, there were quite a lot of refactors also. Now with a few more months before launch and the highers want us to do mobile web application (because some people might not want to download app). That is kinda insane and just very fucking recently, they felt the mobile app design is not quite right also and want to change the deisgn which will impact about 30-40%. (btw they were the one who agreed the design at first).

At the point I am really speechless, don't want to argue anymore and my morale is quite low. I just keep telling myself that I learnt quite a lot since I started working on this project like golang (our team decided to use go for our entire backend, we have been using python for so many years).

> I am a fan of go actually, I like C look-a-like syntax. But I wish it has generics. Other than that overall its a nice experience working with go.

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