Its not the best mood but somehow the mood it is.

*A fresh new morning , ywtf has woken up after good 8-9 hours of sleep. Today's tasks are also small, let's get cracking*
*Oh those youtube recommend s look interesting*
*Ooh what's happening on twitter now*
*Ooh let's see some news*
*Aagh fuck it's 4 pm, let's talk with boss so he thinks am working*
*Ughh this code sucks. So boring, how can i fix this.should i do this or this. Should i ask this guy or that for help....(million questions)*

(Repeats above steps until 11 pm)

*Aagh fuck its 11 , this code must get fixed by tomorrow*

(Nd then somehow the brain goes maniac till 3 or 4 and emits perfect code)

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