Got an ultimatum from the CTO to either figure out how to match Webstorm's formatting style on React Typescript in VSCode (I'm the only one in the entire dev team who refuses to abandon VSCode), or to switch over to WebStorm for good.

It's amusing how when Microsoft finally makes some good software, it turns even the most skeptical of people like me into fierce loyalists.

Aaand I guess it's finally time I dig into the Prettier configuration of the project and do what literally no one else in the team bothered to do, rather taking the easier option of just switching the IDE. Cowards!

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    Prettier is not even that complicated at all, just put it in husky or with a git hook and you're good do go... Why would you rely on your IDE for that?
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    I can understand people on your team, your direct manager or team lead being focused on something like code formatting, but your CTO?

    What kind of micromanaging garbage is this for a CTO to even know the formatting style and IDE choice of each developer? I don't think I'd like working for your company.
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    @rootinit so well, it's a small startup and the CTO is the direct manager for the entire dev team of four people. And the only reason he wants this is because when I have to make modifications to someone else's features, the git diff generated is way larger than it should be because of the formatting on their code that my VSCode does, an issue that I myself agree that needs to be dealt with because it simply makes merge request reviews more tedious.
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    Forced to use a specific IDE?
    Screw that.
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    Why not format things via a common tool and stick it into eg. a git hook? That way it's completely IDE/editor independent.
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    @alcatraz627 If you don't have an actual dev or someone completely focused on dev work controlling things like merges/pull requests, and yes code formatting, then your company's structure still stinks.

    I am the sole developer at my small company, and I report directly to one of the VPs (was my same manager before he was promoted to that), and he is worried about me meeting deadlines/core functionality in projects, but not the nitty gritty stuff going on in the repos. The closest he will micromanage is to determine individual tasks/due dates and languages/frameworks involved.
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    Yes, developing an OS and an IDE traditionally are the things Microsoft is really good at - real sad that they discontinued the OS though...
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    @Oktokolo Real sad.
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    Prettier + .prettierrc 👍
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