Alright , i am angry and sad to the point where i am taking timeouts just to evaluate my situation. So here goes the rant.

1. Ever since my senior has left there hasn't been any real filling of his position and i had to adjust to this new style of working . I had raised these concerns with my tech lead before and he said that it would be managed by a joint support of other seniors, and my effort. But things are going .. awkward (rant link for the senior leaving story in comments)

Like recently there came this big task of creating a new referral link screen that came onto me. at that time i was not even aware of the flow or the frontend/backend communication , but it was discussed on the first day of sprint only so i thought yeah i can do that ( side question #1 : how do you count the days in sprint ? Is it 10 or 14 days if weekends are a holiday?)

So i decided a personal plan and i guess made the first mistake :/ . My plan was like this : as i am alone working on this screen, i should read the already available code to get the better idea. Once i have doubts i will ask tech lead . Then i will start working on it.

But what i actually did was i started reading the code, but meanwhile the manager was continuously asking for status update and making requirements changes, so TL and i sat and used an old screen code , refactored it and made some work on it. I was happy, a lot of my work was done when i sat with TL. I just had to add the ui. Easy stuff ,right? NO

The tl and i had actually integrated understood wrong and integrated a different api. For TL who knew all code he said "oh okay, no big deal. Ywtf, just check this code here in x file nd integrate likewise" . BUT I DIDN'T UNDERSTOOD THAT CODE,YOU DID THAT MANN!
Anyhoo i sat back looking at the 2 files , 1 for the new wrong code and 1 for the old unrelated code, tried to understand all the working without the actual logics and api calls for hours and hours until i rewrote the whole ui part and had very narrow scope questions about the api. This process took quite time and in the process i caught the issues from a lot of people : the manager had missed crucial cases when she said "like we did before" , the designer had missed important ui views that governed various logics and the already present code was also making some unneeded calls which could have been removed.
This took 2-3 days and weekend the next days i was scolded by TL about why its taking time. Like wtf? No one's helping me , i am like a blind man with a broken stick trying to touch everything and understand what it is. But he's a cool and awesome guy , he asked another senior to help me , that senior sat with me , listened to what i have been doing , pointed all the problems , reviewed my code and finally we were able to get that feature done. Pheww, right? Nah.

#2 ) By the time we finished it, next sprint has already started and that too had some big big changes. Ughh.
but this time i already told my TL that i will either work on code after a proper KT of line by line, or assign some senior to me who has the knowledge of code and could command me what to do. So things started correctly this time.

#3) However again the managers are being stupid and continuously iterating the requirements. Me and this senior are very calmly handling this stuff but the SHEER AMOUNT OF MEETINGS OH MANN FUCKKK.

- Morning standup
- mobile team standup,
- manager messaging on slack with @a @b @ywtf @c @d , hoping for a discussion
- Standup for future feature discussion,
- standup for feature kt,
- "hey ywtf , i wanted to test your old feature from a 1000 years ago now because i am another lazy tester person, shall we connect on call?? "

Aagh kill me now . I am already a miserable guy trying to code in standard office hours ,your meetings are making elongating my work time to 14-15 hours :/
I think This is neither a waterflow nor an agile mode of development. We are applying waterflow on the devs while trying to get them work at speeds of agile . I mean like working till 10 or 11 pm and then after 12 to 3am has become so common for me that i have forgotten what extra stuff i should be doing. My life is like meetings + very less work in office time, work in after office hours , eat sleep..FML

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    Please guys, if you are reading this , let me know how your organisation/startup is dealing with the wfh situation and how are you able to restrict your work life to some hours so i could suggest some changes to others , change my own self or take some decisions. I mean, wfh should be fun right?

    Today we had some furniture work going in our home and my old grand father had to be called to sit and handle stuff while mum dad were busy . If i could not fill in for my family's requirements, what's the point? I can neither look onto doing something my personal projects, my studies, my health and i am angry about this :/
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    🤔 I read this as you being a jnr dev? Correct me if I'm wrong.

    1) a sprint is 10 days (typically), unless you work the weekends, start them on a Monday and end them the following Friday.
    Your release cycle doesn't have to conform to this though, I generally do releases on the Tuesday/Wednesday after the sprint, this gives a few days to prepare and run over everything before pushing it live.

    2) change requests are hard to manage at the best of times, sometimes there tiny and won't affect much, other times they are rewrites of what you have already done. For the major changes I tend to push back and make a new ticket to handle that later rather then in the current sprint, remember you only have 10 days to get things done.

    3) if you're unfamiliar with the code base diving in and understanding what's there is always a better path then just widely changing things, so keep to it. If there's no documentation, or process flows, try creating them as you go just so you have something to reflect on.

    4) meetings such and can consume a lot of your day, however if you book out blocks of your calendar as "busy" people tend to leave you alone. I've been doing this for the past 18 months and it's significantly made a difference to the amount of productive time I have each week instead of being consumed in 30+ hours of meetings each week.

    5) what time do you finish work?
    Let's Say 5pm for argument sake.

    Come 5pm, if your not in a meeting, just shut down and walk away. Burning yourself out is going to be worse then not delivering in time.

    6) this brings us back to 1) really, you should only bring in 40 hours of work into a sprint, not 80, Remember there's only 10 days, in those 10 days you'll have to understand what your changing, change it, test it, document it, and prepare it for QA / production depending on how things work in your company, so.. allow buffer time for these things.
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    Damn, ran out of characters 😢

    .... Yes your workload will look like it's reducing, but you'll be able to actually deliver everything in a sprint.
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    If I compare to how we run things.

    A story does not change during sprint.

    If requirements change its a new story and has to be estimated again.
    Most likely it will be pushed to next sprint while waiting for a new set of acceptance criteria or documentation.

    The problem with our approach is that it requires management that understands snd respects the process which does not seem to be the case for you :/

    A sprint should have a clear start and stop and also have a clear list of stories that are planned according to estimates.

    And those estimates must be done by the devs that will work on the task, not by management or senior developers unless they are going to be working on that specific story.

    The same story will take different amount of time depending on how experienced the dev is and also how familiar he/she is with the code, api’s or business rules involved so having some one else doing estimates for your job will be pointless.

    And if you feel you cannot estimate due to lack of knowledge, how would you be able to live up to someone else’s estimates :)
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    @C0D4 thanks, great points . for #4 i think it could be a solution to a lot of my problems with those stupid meetings. But i am not sure... don't people ask you the reason behind marking yourself unavailable for times in the calendar? You know i would really appreciate some blocks of time when i could code with no one's disturbing me, while i could ask for help ( aka disturb others lol) . And i guess everyone in our company wants the same .

    So after this it comes to the ranks , like i guess pm thinks they can ping anyone anytime as they are some kind of kings , and the juniors should always be available for the discussion, even though they are the ones getting most burned and ranting out on social platforms ;''(
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    @Voxera your last para points a very crucial problem, that's the thing. I don't know what the code is , how the hell can i give estimations for changes? Our managers are smart though. What they do is create a story, and add that as ticket to all the platforms : web, ios, android. So even if am not aware of the code the other streams are and they raise concern if the story is too complex for the sprint duration.

    But the time estimate should be made on how much time I will take and not how fast the others could do. And this is an estimate a senior could make, as he would be responsible to give explain me code and make the work done out of me. But then again often times , i am in the senior role myself and just go with what other guys are saying :/
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    @yowhatthefuck people may ask what you have on through the day, don't lie just tell them you need some peace and quiet to focus on the current ticket.

    They'll either respect it or ignore it, but it doesn't hurt to try 😀

    Personally I book 2 hours out of my day every day, this 2 hours is for me to actually get work done most of the time or handle the boring documentation / deployment plans.

    The other 5 hours of my day (excluding lunch if you did the math) is typically meetings, calls, fixes for QA, production support and and what ever else lands on my desk.
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    @yowhatthefuck do not commit more hours than you are payed for. If they waste your time with meetings, try logging the time spent in each of those every day as a measure of how long you are unable to do your dev work because of someone else imposing a useless meeting.
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