Going through a period of overwhelming impostor syndrome. And I blame LinkedIn for it. Fuck LinkedIn.

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    What do you need to be able to do - and think you can’t?
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    Linked in tho.... that's just a lot of resume inflation ....

    Like I just made a pretty run of the mill email notification system thing ... but switch up the words and I could make it sound like some amazing thing.... I wouldn't be wrong, but the impression might be way different than what it really is.
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    Imposter syndrome is a common occupational hazard.

    Many if not most developers get it sometime.

    I know I have had it several times.
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    @sheriffderek its not that I'm unable to do something, I just feel that I lucked my way into this profession
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    @tarstrong Trust me you're better off. Wish I could luck into this profession without doing all this work (some of which is a waste of time).
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    @tarstrong As my last boss used to say, luck often follows after lots of hard work ;)

    Meaning that if you try enough you are more likely to succeed, but we tend to only remember the good times, so once we do succeed its easy to attribute it to luck.

    I was lucky, my first job I got after just 4 applications, and only one interview, the second was not even applications as such since i only responded to offers.

    But both times I has imposter syndrome even after 30 years in the field and despite them contacting me ;)

    And I felt the same a year after when I was offered a better position.

    Just try to focus on growing into the role, your most likely the most ardent critic of your own abilities. Others have it easier as they make a more objective comparison between you and other candidates and they choose you over them, that has to count for something :D
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    @rooter @voxera your words kinda help, thanks!
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    @ayushjn we've all been through that early phase though, soon you'll also join us in the imposter syndrome club!
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    @tarstrong I'm right at the door
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