//Haxk20 going on monitor adventure.

WOW just wow.
I just bought a new monitor. Gaming one so 144Hz and all that crap. Cause you cant find a normal monitor with high refresh rate but oh well.
IPS. So i boot it up and oh good dear WTF are those colors ? Thats not white. Thats freaking shade of yellow.

Oh look FPS profile was selected.
Hmmmmmmm sRGB profile. So it must be accurate right ? WRONG. Horrible colors once again.

Im lucky enough to have a panel thats 97% sRGB calibrated so i could just by eye go and change until it fits. Truly took less than freaking 10 minutes. Worst part ? OEMs dont need to do this for every single monitor. They just need to add "Color accurate sRGB" profile based on 1 model. It wont be perfect but god dammit it wont be yellow.

Also who the freaking hell wants speakers inside monitor ? Dont pack useless shit inside to bump the price please.

But hey at least it can do vertical position and all the adjustments you would need.

All in all after calibration im very happy with it.

Asus VG294Q BTW

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    So does the high refresh rate actually strain the eyes less while coding?
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    @Oktokolo No but im not only coding. Sometimes you have to relax somehow right ? Games are the way to go for me.
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    Well, for FPS the benefit indeed is obvious ;)
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    @Oktokolo the UI is waaaay smoother. Everything just feels better. I definitely can't go back to 60Hz now.
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    I definitely would not have expected it to make a difference outside fast paced games.
    But when you say, that the UI is smoother - do you mean animations or moving windows around? Or is there a benefit on still images too (less eye strain maybe)?
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    @Oktokolo animations and moving around. Stuff that's static obviously wouldn't be affected. I don't think it makes a difference to eye strain, but I find my high RR panels just that little bit smoother to work on. It's hard to explain unless you experience it. I would say it's not worth it if you also don't want to do high refresh rate gaming, but if you do have it, it definitely gives a bump to the experience of just using your PC. Another thing is that high refresh rate monitors tend to have much better pixel and panel response times, so even regular content looks better (unless it's something that relies on that natural motion blur).
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    @RememberMe Exactly. Entire desktop experience is so much better. People think you cant notice it even. But oh you can.
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