When I was a simple junior developer back in 2013, I built a simple form with Drupal (CMS) for a client through which people could order telephone subscriptions. It is a simple form, still used, that sends out an email to their customer services to process the order. Don't know how many orders they get a day, maybe a few, but I used HTML to create a beautiful email template which is easy to read and process. I recently had to look at one of those emails again and felt nice for what I had achieved so many years ago.

Now I work at a company with hundreds of people, on a system where we process millions of documents.a month, and send out tens of thousands of automated emails with documents attached via email each month. And all of those emails are pure plain text. No HTML. Ugh...

Apparently there is no time to use modern approaches when you have customer's needs to satisfy each minute.

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    Customer Experience VS company Expenditure.

    I think you can guess which one typically wins.
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    I’m teaching UX and there is no need for any HTML in emails
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    i feel HTMl in emails are annoying AF.

    A header and a footer are enough if they sre going for the profesional looks.

    But some people do achieve a clean email with HTML

    @lastNick or ar you referring ti something else?
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