PSA When someone is eating lunch in the office please just leave them the fuck alone.

I can't recall the number of times I've been literally lifting food to my mouth when someone just rocks up and starts yakking about some work related issue with zero fucking consideration for the fact I'm trying to refuel and recoup.

Today it wasn't me; I experienced this vicariously, watching my poor colleague trying to eat, then being approached by someone; then another. Moments later the poor guy had 3-4 people literally crowded around him excitedly conversing and poking questions at him. I could see he just wanted it to go away so he could eat.

So just in case this makes a difference to anyone it reaches:

If you see someone eating lunch. Show some fucking self-restraint and just leave them to it, eh? Thought for the day.

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    Just eat in front of of your workstation
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    @bagfox literally the worst way to actually invite aholes to ask you about random work shit
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    Eat in your car
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    I hate this shit. It used to happen a lot in my previous company where I would choose a table for one in the corner of the room and people would arrive and drag their chairs to my table and start talking nonsense. Sometimes, they even drag tables and try to combine it with mine so we can eat like one big happy family.

    If it's work-related, they are often polite enough to say, "Oops, I'll let you finish eating first" but nothing stops them from talking or asking about personal shit.
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    Just make a sign.

    I’m on my lunch break. FUCK OFF!
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    I put headphones on when I'm eating. Actually, I almost always wear them while working to give me an excuse for ignoring people.
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    Get headphones and put them in while you're eating. Don't necessarily need to listen to music. It's just the public DND sign for idiots.

    If you work in a secure area where you can't have your cellphone and headphones, eat where you are allowed to. That tends to be less crowded anyway.
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    @PyroHornet that does not work in a culture like that. Eating lunch is a DND sign too. Them fuckers will wave and snap their fingers or even go as far as to tell you it's rude to wear headphones in a communal area.
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