Please Windows 10 stop to advertise Edge...oh wait

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    In their defence it does look really good tho
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    I mean... Fuck both Microsoft and Google... and Firefox... while Mozilla is OK is kinda the bastard stepchild of browsers.

    That pretty much just leaves Safari. (at least for major browsers)

    Takes a little getting used to, but there are also some cool things like being able to console.log from a phone web app and have it appear in your Mac's safari's dev tools.
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    @HiFiWiFiSciFi LOL Safari is the worst modern browser, it's the new ie
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    @dontbeevil Shrug. It uses webkit just like Chrome and now Edge...

    Aside from some minor differences in how the dev tools are laid out all three are basically the same.

    For reference... I was very much a pro-dev in the IE6 days and have spent hundreds of hours writing one-off patches for IE6 - IE9 and that level of shitty non-standards compliant bullshit will likely never be matched by any browser again.

    So you may think Safari is shitty, that's your right, but NOTHING is as shitty as IE nor will it ever be again.
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    @HiFiWiFiSciFi I'm talking about the present, Safari is the shittiest and luckily I'm not dealing with webdev anymore, but my colleagues and friends do.

    IE was the shittiest (consider it dead)
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    @dontbeevil I would definitely argue that as of today... particularly where mobile web app dev is concerned... Safari has BETTER dev tooling.

    And really that's all this is about is the dev tools, because they're all rendering the same.

    And then the dev tools are ALSO basically the same like literally having mostly the same tabs in the same order.

    I guess I'm just not really sure what we're arguing about?

    Safari is optimized for Mac so it's as fast and uses less ram... I mean yeah, I'm not advocating a Windows user use Safari, but for Mac it's kind of IMO the best.

    I still use FF a lot... but the dev tools have fallen behind and for some reason the fucker renders colors funny...

    I have not even opened an MS browser since like 2010 nor do I ever intend to again.

    Chrome is a bloated resource hog and google has fallen out of my favor.

    As with most things Apple I like safari because it's the least worst.
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    I stopped to read when you wrote "I have not even opened a MS browser since like 2010 nor do I even intend to again" ... so I can clearly see you're not open and objective. Things changes, specially in IT, get over it. bye
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    @dontbeevil Past transgressions can be forgiven, but they cannot be forgotten.

    If you spent like 3 years of your life writing one-off patches or even entire separate CSS files just for IE you might have a chip on your shoulder about it too.

    I AM being OBJECTIVE. I lived through those years and IE is objectively shit.

    Edge, by comparison is better, but it's like running Webkit with MS toolbar... why bother?

    Finally, congratulations on winning an internet debate about browsers in your own mind.
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    @HiFiWiFiSciFi safari is the new IE. Full stop.

    You write something innovative, let's say, for example a displacement SVG Filter.

    *Chrome display it perfectly and runs great
    * FF display it perfectly and runs... Acceptably
    * Opera, Brave, Edge, they all act like Chrome, no difference here.

    Guess which browser, for some inexplicable reason, refuses to even display the frigging filter over a video? You guessed right! SAFARI.

    Or maybe you want to format your images in webp because, you know, it's 2021. Guess which one of the mayor browsers you need to babysit because it added webp support only, like, YESTERDAY. You guessed right: SAFARI.

    Or, yeah, this is a good one: you want to display the user's Webcam video feed in the page you are building but, maybe, you also want your page to be functional inside the various Facebook or Instagram embedded webviews.

    Guess which webview implementation DOESN'T ALLOW THAT, for.... Reasons?

    You guessed right, SAFARI
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    @redde svg is old

    blur over video will kill most people's video cards anyway... the hell kind of fancy ass UI you makin?

    Format images in webp? Again... the fuck you doin?

    I will concede if you go out of your way to find three random seldom used things probably after referencing a compatibility chart you can find flaws with Safari.
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    On mac,
    I'm still getting used to Ctrl+Enter for new line in slack.

    Like why tf it's Shift+Enter for new line in one application and Ctrl+Enter for others

    At least on windows i never sent a half written message to someone while trying to move to next line
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    @redde i remember when we had to redo a different version of the menu only for safari mobile, because didn't support some js/css thing, luckily was the last time I had to work with web.

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    @HiFiWiFiSciFi OMG man, the problems I mentioned are all use cases I had to handle in the last months.

    As a business owner I had to calm down clients for these Safari behaviors and I don't even know why, exactly.

    Also, regarding your comments about my "unusual" demands for poor little safari.

    SVG is old? Ok if you say so. I'm talking about custom SVG filters applied to regular HTML anyways.

    Blur over a video? I said displacement, not blur, and I don't give a fuck if it's slow or not, safari WON'T display my filter (only when used in a Video for some reason) because of a bug I had to go hunt down on their bug tracker. The rest of the fucking world of browsers implemented SVG Filters correctly.

    Images in webp are too fancy? Okay if you say so. I work with 360 Virtual tours: 4k images (min). Webp lets me (and my users) save 50% in download bandwidth compared to jpeg.
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    @redde but but is apple that wanted kill flash, so we could use powerful modern web tech
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    I like how "secure" is not there lol

    I once made a huge sin I opened Dev tools on safari and he'll broke loose.... It's not usable at all
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    Looking forward for next "Finally, congratulations on winning an internet debate about browsers in your own mind." comment :D
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