This is real motivation ...

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    This is mother of all motivations
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    Such awkward night with forced conversation like 'So you're pornstar huh?' 'Yep'. It is not like she is going to have sex with anybody so just porsche for me :)
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    Instead get the holiday bonus, hire strippers, call your friends and get fucked up. That's the real fun right there !
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    I'd take the Porsche instead...lasts longer.
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    First, they would have to check, if the employee even IS a man... Or a lesbian
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    @uddinstock nailed it xD but the onlite version has 2much ads 4 me
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    Literally, the top employee in the porn industry can get a reward of having a night with the devStar.

    Because all girls die for a devStar

    (But still, the devStar can reject her and get his own Porsche)

    devStar FTW
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    Dear dev, if you chooses the pornstar. Please check your reward again carefully. The real pornstar Julia is not a Chinese...
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    Woo free Porsche 😬
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    I'll take the money please. Or paid vacation. Or paid time for my projects
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