So this guy that did IT with me when we were still in school is a compulsive liar and thinks he is a know-it-all. When we chat about hardware he always throws bullshit facts about GPUs and CPUs and other PC hardware, mostly for gaming.

He also thinks he is the best coder in the world, but can barely code in delphi, the language we did for 3 years in IT class, and he passed with like 3% and I never got under 95% for the same thing. I am studying Computer Engineering, and he is doing an IT diploma with economics as an extra subject at the same university as I am.

Our daily conversations are about him saying that I will never get a job, and that his course will take him further and is much more valuable, and also throws bullshit that a company already "bought" him and that he is job secured, but he is so close to dropping out!!!

To top this, he tries to explain his beginner c++ course to me.... While I have Operating systems, immersive programming and almost starting with theoretical programming...

He even tries to act like the cool kid, and whatsapps me that he is out with one of the other computer engineers partying, while said person is actually my room mate and is sitting next to me while we code together!!!!😂

Do you guys also have these know-it-all IT guys?

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    Yeah, there will always be these kinds of people, but nobody is forcing you to be friends with him, ditch him lol
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    Yeah. At first I had the feeling that I do have to prove myself and show them that their wrong. But seriously though, life will show them. It still got me motivated to grind harder and learn how much I can actually do if I set my mind to it.

    I think you're doing the right thing, just laugh at him
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    Take a selfie with said room mate both of you flipping the bird with the caption: "Fuck the fuck off!"

    I went to college with someone like that and he'd print off our work when we'd be collecting the print out ourselves. He'd boast about his previous exam results and who he was sleeping with.

    Ultimately I ran into him once I was in university and he boasted about how he was a landlord with multiple properties and when I asked why I saw him selling mobile phones at a store he answered that he was a manager and needed a hobby!

    I didn't believe a word of it and it wasn't until a friend of mine ran into him recently that I'd even remembered he was a person that exists in this world.

    Apparently in time I just completely forgot about all the bullshit and lies.
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