Oh boy, prepare for the shenanigans of the professors I had in College and some instructors I had in my previous jobs.

Professor in networking subject picks a different student each day to lead the prayer before the start of his class. "Angel of jod, my garden deer.."

Professor in electronics is kind of a pervert and there's always that one too-old-for-College student with huge tits beside him even though she has no subject with him.

Professor in programming language X (I forgot) talks trash about her students. One of my classmates overheard her call me cocky for having a thesis that is a little more ambitious than another point-of-sale system (something that so many students have been doing that time).

Menopausal professor in whatever programming -related subject I forgot about would blow up and dumb down her students for no reason. One time was precious. She asked a dumbass question on what "scope and limitation" means. I answered her. She was annoyed and said it was wrong then explained it in the exact words I did. The class went silent and she became a joke.

Delusional instructor from the hellhole company talked about their dev team as if they're so elite and that I should be thankful to be given a chance to become a dev since my first experience was in support back then. A few months in, I was the one teaching her super elite team how to do shit because their "development" is nothing but drag-and-drop, bind this and that, and some small Python scripts.

Before that and when I just started with them, she made me the instructor for the new batch of trainees. Mind you, the system is new to me so I thought, "Okay, I guess she wants to assess or challenge me this way." She presented herself as my mentor but when I have questions about the requirements, she'd get annoyed. One time, I sent her my presentation and you can hear her keyboard clacking hard and I receive a furious message about how I did things wrong. I was like, "Huh?" A few minutes later, she says "My bad, it was correct."

I swear, the amount of people I had to work with that has this stupid nonsense tantrums decreased my tolerance for such human emotional garbage that shouldn't be present at school, in the workplace, or any non-personal setting especially with instructors. These days, one minor attitude problem and I'm already writing a draft to the HR, browsing new jobs, and keeping my distance.

So yeah, my definition of terrible is misplaced high emotional garbage. Someone who doesn't know much could be good enough, bad, or incompetent but certainly not my definition of terrible.

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    They don't deserve you Rutee ❤️
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    @alexbrooklyn Thanks. <3

    Wait, how did you type that out without me hearing it? Also, I'm pretty sure I tied you up in the closet.
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    @rutee07 love finds a way
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    Oh shit! That's too much morons per square meter. How have you survived that hell hole?
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    Kudos to you enduring all that BS!
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    Dude, really don't know which Roman gods you upset to deserve this shitbaggery. You must chill out with Linus for the rest of your lives to make up for lost EQ
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    I thought this was Universal in every workplace in school. hman politics and human ego

    Kangaskhan had the right idea. Piles of human skulls don't complain. Why listen to complaints and Petty people's problems when you can be riding horse puss in conquering the steppes as a warlord? #lifehacks #gurukhan
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