New PSU. ( After careful research to choose the least troublesome model.. )

3 days pass . . .


Smoke alarm = 1ft from NAS..

NAS data on HD, slightly inaccessible...

Everyone told me, I shouldn't being using an old laptop with HD's hanging off it, just because its so easy to get the data off when the laptop dies..

A NAS is better..

Until it dies..

Also, first PSU I had catch fire..

Fuse in the plug did nothing, fuse in the UPS did nothing, short circuit protection in the PSU did nothing, it just sat there melting, on fire, producing sparks and smoke, until I unplugged it.

It also nearly melted through a nearby network cable, but luckily only singed the outer protection layer.

Luckily most of the PSU / wiring was on top of some stones I'd left on the shelf..

Today's lessons, put them PSU's and wiring on concrete paving slabs, so they can't burn though shit so easily !

Maybe a, turn power off if smoke detector goes off gadget.. ( Are those available off the shelf to plug into plug sockets ? )

Just a beginner here, but it looks to me like the wiring in the adaptor part was too thin, and maybe the connectors are not good enough.
( At the time, I couldn't find a model without that.. )

Killed the NAS MB too, or maybe the NAS MB killed the PSU..

Or rather, it killed the wiring, the PSU still puts out 12v DC, but its little light doesn't work anymore..

Hopefully others can learn from my experience !

So far on average, I've had one electrical item per decade go bang with sparks/flames/etc. come out of it.

One reason I like second hand units, they already been through that testing phase. :-)

So, any lessons for me next time ?

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    Scary 😟
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    If it hadn't been for Covid-19 I might not have been in the place and it could have burnt to the ground..

    I try to be cautious, one reason I have 6 fire extinguishers in the place ! ( 3 different types, 3 upstairs, 3 downstairs. )

    Today's lesson, be more cautious..

    FX [ Starts to worry about meteor strikes.. ]




    An man from Indonesia has come into some money after a meteorite worth £1.4 million ($1.8m) crashed through the roof of his house:

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    This is why I like to use raspberrys for home automation. Every model is individually well publicized and I know they don't have a tendency to catch on fire.
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    Fuses only work if they take less current to blow than the wires can manage. Otherwise the wire becomes the fuse.

    You'd have to know the cross section of the cable or rated max current before you buy, or test in supervision yourself that the cable can take higher current than you will use it for. Practically it can be difficult to do. How much current were you pushing through it?
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    The NAS says it uses a max of 8.33a @ 12v.

    The PSU was rated for 10a @ 12v

    The NAS was a 4 bay unit, but only had 1 HD in it.

    ( The plan was to add more soon.. )
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    Picture showing thickness of wire on cheapest ass cable adaptor, compared to wire coming out of PSU:

    I'll be sending that and a replacement PSU... to a YouTube channel so they can do a teardown to see just how safe the design is.

    Anyone recommand any particular channels for that ?
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    @Nanos bigclivedotcom might be a good option
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