*18 year old me VS computer lab teacher*

So, have you decided on a project?

Uh, I'm gonna draw some sprites and make them kill each other

That's not a good project

You said we could pick anything we wanted?


Well, that's what I want to work on.

I don't like it... how about a webpage?

Hmmm, how about no?

You'll fail this class

Fine by me.


*a month later*

And so, have you decided on a project?

Oh yes, I hacked this together over the last couple weeks.


Oh, that's a templar. He commits mass genocide in the name of God.

I TOLD YOU to work on a project!

A-há, you said I could work on anything I wanted.

Yes, but not this.

What's wrong with it? It's just a game.

I don't like it, pick something else.

Wait. You want me to CHOOSE what I want to work on or you're going to pick the project for me?

You're SUPPOSED to pick your own project!

Well, you already had me do silly cutesy webpages for two years in a row. How about I do something a little bit more metal this time around?

I swear to God, you'll fail this class

Alright, alright.

*next week*

And so? Have you decided yet?

Yes! I added some archers and walls yesterday, look at the arrows fly!




Keep what up? Programming?


Fine. What do YOU want me to do?

Anything you want... just decide on a project already!

But I did... I want to work on this...

That's NOT a good project

Then I can't work on what I want

Yes you can. Just pick another project!

Mmm... something 3D with Unity, maybe?


How about a rogue clone?


WELL, then I CANT work on what I want. You say I can, but you don't like ANY of the projects I pick. *i was kinda crying here*

You CAN work on whatever you want, just MAKE A WEBPAGE!

*and next week*

Please tell me you've started an ACTUAL project already...


Can I see it?


You're still writing that stupid game, aren't you?

... YES

*sighs* alright, have it your way. But remove the blood spurts, please.


*did NOT remove the blood spurts*
*totally FAILED that class*
*dropped highschool altogether*

Me today, unemployed: WORTH IT.

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    i mean, you did do exactly what you were told, so, i mean, like, you technically passed the class
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    You should have exported it as browser game.

    It would be a webpage and a game.
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    Create a webpage with download link for your game
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    @theabbie STONKS intensify 📈
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    > Me today, unemployed

    OMG This had me on the ground 😆
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    > Me today, unemployed:

    Not a wise move.

    Today's lesson, find loopholes.

    Something you want to do, that is acceptable to authority figures.

    Not necessarily your first choice, but.. it beats being unemployed.

    Reminds me of the time I was told to cover my school books in anything I liked, anything I asked..


    New school rule, anything but famous naked artworks..

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    @Nanos Well I do get offers from startups sometimes, they promise no pay whatsoever. Like, write an engine for us and maybe we'll give you some money one day. There's no way I'm taking that deal.

    I should probably sell game assets, the indie market would totally eat up my shit. Or restrain myself from slapping GPL on every last file I'm legally allowed to perhaps. But eh, I have such a poor reach online that most things I've tried so far haven't gotten me much cash in return.

    And I really enjoy joking about it but I think I might be homeless in a few years if I don't come up with something. Better think fast.
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    I wouldn't recommend being homeless, tried that 3 times so far !

    When I say 'tried', I really mean, no choice in the matter..

    > maybe we'll give you some money

    > one day. There's no way I'm taking

    > that deal.

    I believe the trick is to choose the right one that succeeds and the folk pay you in shares. ( In advance.. )

    Or, you try several times, until by chance you pick one that succeeds, since it is quite difficult to figure out in advance, what will succeed in the market.

    But that is only half the story, since the other half depends on who else you are working with, will they pull their weight, do they have the ability to do the job ?

    They will need to feed you and keep a roof over your head whilst you work for free though !

    Baby steps, walk before you can run, wait too long for that perfect opportunity, and you might die of old age before that happens.
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    I have such a poor reach online that most things I've tried so far haven't gotten me much cash in return.


    Could you expand on what you mean by that ?
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    @Nanos stuff I upload doesn't get much exposure, and there's only so much traction one can get by spamming random boards. There IS paying for promotion, but the prices are fairly high for me right now.

    I'm not really expecting a great opportunity, but I want *some* income to support my family; I don't think a little cash for my time is unreasonable, specially if it's a game studio likely to overwork me down to complete burnout.

    Eh... but I don't know anymore. I look at job listings and the requisites are always insane. I can give lessons and think I'll continue to do so, I just don't make that much from that. I need either something better or a side project that yields a little extra... fulltime for no pay is just NOPE all around.
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    I'd suggest finding YouTube/etc. channels that do reviews, and submit your item there.

    Since their success requires a constant stream of stuff to review, they tend to review anything folk send to them. :-)

    You might want to get some private reviews first, so if your product sucks in any particular way that you can improve it, you can do so before the big reviewers get to tear it to shreds.

    Also, don't over look the up and coming new reviewers who have yet to get millions of subscribers, since they will be easier to get your product reviewed with.

    Local newspapers also tend to be starved of news and will often do a story on anything.

    The same can also apply to local TV news as well..
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    > I look at job listings and the

    > requisites are always insane.

    Oh I know !

    If I knew all the stuff to get a job, I'd be the next Elon Musk already..
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    @Nanos That's actually a pretty good idea...

    Right now I'm writting a game engine and some tools for developers. It's not stuff I intend to sell but it could work for publicity. Mmmm, it may be time to crunch out a juicy alpha.
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    You totally should have made a webpage that somehow relates to your game but still doesn't force you to make just a generic webpage
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    Five years later:


    Teacher is still failing you.
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    Simple. Make a landing page with a huge red button download for the game :)
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    @Nanos Finding loopholes is sometimes super interesting aswell.

    I only finished german "Abitur" because i basically took an undocumented Shortcut.

    So there is the concept of dropping certain exams at the end by completing a thing called "Besondere Lernleistung". It's something like a separate Project that will be counted as exams. One of the requirements was to make a Documentation of the project and give one copy of it to every reviewer. Now to the fun fact. The regulations said nowhere, that it should be given them on paper. So i just emailed each if them a copy of the documentation.

    We had an angry meeting with the Headmaster, since it was a gray area, but me and my partner both passed this with a pretty good score.
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    Makes me think of an idea I had for fusion powered headlights, technically legal I think..

    Well, if its brighter than the sun, it should work well at night in a glass reactor chamber strapped to the front of my car in pairs. :-)

    I'm still pondering if one could stowaway a small solar powered spaceship on a rocket launch to make its way to the moon and write graffiti on it..

    Related link:


    > Veracity: Graffiti Research Lab
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    @Nanos and even if you get pulled over, you could say it's a 'work light' that only will be used in difficult terrain, or while the car is standing while lighting your workplace.
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    It's a portable mosquito killer..

    I'd need a sign though:

    "Please stand @ least 20ft away from the front of the car unless wearing neutron absorbing clothing.."
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    @Nanos naah no sign needed.

    It's not dangerous, people just need to learn how to deal with that.
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