Okay, lets hope that this vote will go better then the last one.....

So im going to buy a keyboard in few days and i have 2 questions:

1. http://www.strawpoll.me/12258698
2. http://www.strawpoll.me/12258702

Thx for awnsers!!!!

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    Hey uh... Sounds like you need a bit of help with mechanical keyboards. Go look up the subreddit mechanical keyboards, deskthority or geekhack for more information.

    As someone who owns many keyboards, the best advice I can give is try before you buy.

    Personally, I think Kailhs are horrible, but don't take my word for it. You're the one that will be using it regularly.

    When you say Kailhs, it makes me think that you're going to get a Razer keyboard. Is that what you're going for?
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    @Zidail ive read quite a bit about keyboards and what i gathered was that there are really mixed opinions about kailh switches (opinions range: from same as cherry to inconsistent af) and that is the exact reason why im asking about it

    As of right now im thinking about "modecom volcano gamer" or some more basic one with cherry switches (haven't decided yet)
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    @TheGeekyGuy ah ok. I see. That's good :)

    What's your main use case? Gaming? Coding?

    Are you using a Mac or PC?

    Do you need all the lights?

    Do you want clicky or linear?

    Are you set on Cherry clones or are you open to Topre or Buckling springs?

    If it's your first mech, Cherries are the safer bet. If you have a Mac, you may not be able to fully utilize a gaming keyboard as some require additional software that isn't compatible.
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    Use case: coding, and abit of gaming

    I use windows pc(windows ftw, even so it sucks 😁😁)

    I would prefer having lights but it isint "must-have" feature (when you thing about it, whats the purpose of lighting when u know how to touch type? Lel)

    Its going to be my first mech keyboard, honestly, im not sure how i feel about other types of keys

    Im just looking around local shops for cherry keyboard and im really digging gigabyte force k83 design, the problem is: it has two variants with red and blue switches and my retarded shop dosent specify the color of switches
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    Have you perhaps considered Corsair, WASD Or Das Keyboards? Ducky is also good if you're on a budget.

    Haha I'm sure if you ask them they'll be able to identify which one is which... I hope.

    But yeah, you really need to try them. I'd you have a second hand store there or a salvation army, you might be able to pick up an IBM Model M. Those are much cheaper and amazing too.

    Man, I remember when I got my first, thinking it'd be the only one I'd need. I was very wrong haha. Welcome to the sinkhole my friend.
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    I have a LOT of mechanical keyboards, and basically the conclusion I've come to is: model m good. Genuine cherry mx good. If any of the copies are better than a real cherry mx it's most likely an accident, why buy something that is just trying to be something else that you can buy? Ducky: good. Wrist rest: not needed, good posture you shouldn't be resting your wrists on anything so it could actually be promoting bad posture. Good ergonomics you should tilt the keyboard down, not up it really pisses me off when people put the feet down. Get a chair that promotes good posture. Rgb leds are not overrated. Geek hack and /r/mechanicalkeyboards is your friend. Plate mount: good.

    Edit: if you really must hold mouse and wasd at the same time, get tenkeyless for good posture. If not, then it's personal preference. Switching to a tiling window manager can help you not have to touch the mouse as much.
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    @runfrodorun thx for the info, it looks like that im going to buy gigabyte force k83 with cherry blue switches (unless reviews of this keyboard are crap)
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