So the battery of our YouBot died, and since it's deprecated we had to ask the EE department to manufacture one for us. When a member of my group asked them for the custom battery last year, it took them 5+ weeks to get it.
Today I went there, and threatened the engineer to cry daily outside his room until it's ready. He already ordered the parts and said I will have it assembled by Tuesday.
I am totally in love with the terrifying effect a crying female has over male engineers.

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    You are scary.
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    Very clever and efficient, but scary.
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    @homo-lorens I just play the cards I was dealt :)
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    This is why I always play as a female character in MMOs. It works wonders
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    Sounds like abuse of gender privileges with extra steps.
    I'm joking of course.

    Anyway what's a YouBot?
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    This happened to me!!

    I was so scared of the 85kg gay man threatening to cry outside my office till he gets his new monitor.

    He was joking of course and the monitor was already coming. He bought me coffee when it did, which was nice. XD
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    You can do the same as a male.

    And if you cry once, believe me, they won't treat you any differently.

    Or maybe sit in front of their door without having a coffee in the morning and remind them to get the battery or else they will have this unpleasant meeting every morning.
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    @IntrusionCM Yeah, just sitting in front of their office every morning probably has the same effect to some extent.
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    @IntrusionCM In my experience, crying males don't get the same sympathy, and suffer from negative consequences for crying in public.
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    SJWs: "mAlE PrIvIlEgE"

    Nicky: "Hold me YouBot"
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    Now that's gonna be my new excuse when I start crying at my job.
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    @heartade Dewit!

    (also, little sidenote: the SSL certificate on your website has expired a while ago)
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    @FinlayDaG33k Wait, what? GoDaddy was supposed to take care of it for me! Gonna check it out soon™, thanks!
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    @heartade Yea... it tells me it expired on the 4th of March :^)
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    You da chick that made that flying thing that was smart? I like them flying things. And them crawling things with claws. Respect.
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    Ok... So... What does you bot do?
    Looks like a underwater rumba :p
    And why does it take so long to make a custom battery? A 3d printer and a small stock of lipo modules should do it...
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    @GyroGearloose The EE guys has to order the lipos from the US so it took a few days to arrive. But they delivered in 8 days, which is cool considering we had Easter in between.
    The YouBot is just an omni-directional base, on which we mount sensors for data collection, and soon also to test localization algorithms.
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    @cprn The crazyflie (nano-drone) project was mine, yes. It wasn't super smart, but we did what we can with a 5g brain :)
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    @NickyBones Well, don't know if it scores me any respect points but I've got Syma X5 and fixed it with my very own hands over the weekend (very serious thing, cold joint). Same difference, am I right? We are *both* so skilled, omg. 😆
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