Recruiters spamming on LinkedIn

"Got a great mid-range iOS dev role that I think you'd be ideal for!"

Yeah I'm a CTO and I've done fucking no iOS work ever, I can see why you narrowed it down to me.

"Are you free for a quick call?"

Yeah, I'll just drop what I'm doing and talk to some fucking total stranger, because nothing makes me happier than hiring a dev for 15% more than I'm paying them and the extra going to some bottom-feeding fuck for having emailed a resume.

"Hey, I'm a growth hacker..."

If I have a growth that needs hacking I'll go to an actual doctor, not some shit-wizard with a gross beard.

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    - Hey, I'm a growth hacker..

    + Go hack your own growth
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    I'm tempted to remove all mention of IT support experience from my LinkedIn. Recruiters keep contacting me about tier 1 help desk positions, even though I'm now a cloud engineer making at least double the salary they're offering.
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