I just finished apologising to my computer for putting Android Studio on it.

I also just created a blank project and there’s already something running. Been running for a while now. It says “2 processes running...”. For what reason I do not know. I have done abSoluTEly NOThinG YET. I haven’t even opened the source files for phukks sake ! Each button is taking forever to respond. 😩

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    Perfect. It now says. “The app is not responding.” And there’s a button which says “End Process”. 😩 What have I done ? Nothing. That’s what I did. Nothing. So what.. it just starts and then closes ?
    That’s it I’m going to kill the mhothahphukking POS.
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    As Android Studio requirements page says, you need at least 32 gb of ram, Intel i7 10700K, NVMe ssd, blood of a virgin and some kryptonite to run it smoothly.

    Btw I'm joking about kryptonite, you don't need it lol
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    Best part about Android studio is when you uninstall it
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    Alright. That’s it. I uninstalled it.
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    Gotta admit, I had no problems with it ever, not even on my old Dell inspiron which is at least 7 YO
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    When you open a project it mainly needs to index your code, download dependencies and and do bit of pre-building.

    If you click on "2 processes running" it will show you exactly what's currely running.
    If you want to know what was running from start to finish, open "Build" panel.

    Yeah, it takes some time to start up, but works pretty good afterwards.
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