What the fuck is wrong with people that feel the need to schedule a meeting to ask me a fucking question.

If something doesn’t work then I’ll need to look into it and you sitting there silently while I look through code is an utterly pointless waste of time.

You can send an email, slack, teams, skype, fucking carrier pigeon, I don’t care. Just stop booking in pointless fucking meetings and learn how to write down a coherent question instead. Lazy fuckers!!

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    "Thanks for scheduling this meeting and asking that question. I will need some time to look into it. I will do so and get back to you. Bye!"
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    Meetings are mostly what my mate calls meta-work. You end up talking about talking about work with people who don’t really do enough of it to justify their salary without a ‘busy calendar’.
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    I was specifically encouraged to politely decline meetings if they don’t have a clear agenda that justifies them. They’re expensive (time could be spent elsewhere) and tiring.
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    I like meeting when the person who call me will show something like the error, the documentation, some stuff like that. If it's just to ask something I tell to they to write on slack what they want
    Some problems require a lot of focus and the guys wants just ask the how many hours I'll need to finish it..
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    @rittmann I don't mind someone asking me for a meeting because they got stuck in their debugging or train of thought and need someone to talk it through and hopefully untie the knot in their head. But the kind of meetings where I have to do all the thinking after being asked a question one could easily write down are really pointless.
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    @JustThat Copying this String to my notes. Helpful in future 😜
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    When we had the yearly employee meetings, where we talk about all the stuff we did that year, and if the work was good, i complained about exactly that. And they basically said, that they don't like it either, but we are a consulting company, so we are kinda stuck with everything our clients want.

    With the client i have contact with currently, we usually have several channels open for communication. Teams, Email, Skype, whatever. If there are updates or questions, just drop me a Message. I'm always available. No need to schedule a meeting for that. And that works out in most cases.
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    @JustThat nice one ... I am going to use this for the reply in the future ....hahahah
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    I wish the people I worked with responded to yes/no questions through email, because the amount of meetings I've had to set up to get those questions answered is too damn high. You think I want to set up a 15 minute meeting? They don't ever ask themself "why is this meeting not just an email?". Sometimes I send email asking a yes/no question and a question that requires much more elaboration, and they reply to the latter but not the former. WTF, really?
    Sorry, that turned into my own rant there, but I feel you.
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    Well I can relate to this. people book 2-3 hrs. meetings and do not cooperate.
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